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COVID-19 Update

A Letter From Our Director:

Dear Students,

This experience of dealing with COVID-19 is not like anything we have seen before. It has changed all of our lives in similar and different ways. Each day seems to bring new changes and that can be difficult. I want all of you to know that we are all thinking about you and that we are committed to your health and safety.

We know that moving to online classes has removed the daily in-person interaction that all of us at ELI look forward to. We work at ELI because of all of you, the students. You bring us knowledge, excitement, and different perspectives. We are grateful, however, that current technology allows us to continue to interact with you and learn through online courses.

The move to online courses was a quick one. We appreciate your understanding as your teachers figured out how to make this work with very little time to plan. We know that getting started has been a bit rough for some of you. Please continue to communicate with your teachers to let them know what is and what isn’t working. We are continually trying to improve the experience for everyone. We hear from teachers that they are so excited to see your faces and hear from you when you log on for a live lesson. We will continue to do live lessons so that you are engaged as much as possible during this time.

We are also looking to move our Conversation Club online, so please watch for that.

You have probably seen that the University of Utah has decided to have all summer classes online. This is for everyone’s safety. We want to make sure that everyone feels connected and involved. Please let me know if you have any ideas about things we can do to help students get more involved in this online experience!

I know that this is a difficult experience, but I hope each and every one of you are able to find some happiness in this challenging time.

With all hope and happiness to you at this time,
Korrin Ebira
ELI Director


Last Updated: 8/6/20