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Apply to Attend the English Language Institute


The English Language Institute offers a variety of programs to help you learn and improve your English. Please apply below for the program that best suits your needs.

Learn More About Program Dates and Costs

Part-time students without an F-1 visa apply here

Full-time F-1 visa students APPLY BELOW to begin the process for issuing your I-20 to travel to the United States. All courses for full-time F-1 visa students will be in person. Online study is not an option. Please be prepared to find housing in Salt Lake City and to attend all classes in person.

*Students applying for the Intensive English program must have a minimum English-language proficiency of beginner. Testing is part of the admissions process. You will receive more information from the ELI office about your proficiency level after you complete your placement test. 


Last Updated: 4/4/22