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Agents for the English Language Institute


The English Language Institute works exclusively with certified agents to adhere to industry standards and to ensure that prospective students get the most accurate, up-to-date advice and application assistance available. 

Become an Agent

If your student recruitment agency is interested in partnering with The English Language Institute, and your agency has one of the accreditations listed below, please contact our Outreach Team here.

  • Education UK Certificate for Agents/Advisors (EduUK)
  • British Council Advanced Agent Certificate (BCA)
  • Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QUEAC)
  • ICEF Trained Agent Counselor (ITAC)
  • China ICEF Trained Agent Counselor (CITAC)
  • ICEF Canada Course Graduate (CCG)
  • ICEF United States Course Graduate (USCG)
  • ICEF Irish Course Graduate (ICG)
  • American International Recruitment Council Certification (AIRC)

If you are not a certified agency but would like to refer a student, please contact our Outreach Team here.


Current Agents

Josandro F. Goodman Luiz
Prof. Josandro F. Goodman Luiz is an American-Brazilian. As an agent/representative for the English Language Institute and Utah Global at The University of Utah in Brazil, he promotes U.S. education to students in Brazil by offering accurate, comprehensive, and current information about opportunities to study in the United States. He also provides services to universities in the northeast area of Brazil to help institutional leaders meet their internationalization goals. Prof. Goodman holds a Bachelor’s degree, with an emphasis in Legal Studies; a Master’s degree in International Law; and a post-graduate Certificate in Marketing from the University of Utah.
Last Updated: 10/4/22