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-Raquel, Brazil

-Francine K, Cameroon

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-Eimrick, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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-Khalid, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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"I love all the benefits of being connected to the U. Free transit passes, on-campus activities, and wonderful resources to help you from studying to finding personal care items."

–Benjamin, Chile

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"Utah is a nice place. For me, the weather here is like my hometown so I like living here. I will miss my classmates and teachers. They helped me a lot. My favorite class is the speaking class. It is really hard for me but has helped me a lot."

-Li Shi, China

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"It is not just about learning English; ELI teaches skills that I can use at any University; even when I go back to Germany and I’m not studying English anymore, the skills I learned at ELI will help me succeed in my future University studies."

–Julia, Germany

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"I joined ELI to study English and improve my English skills. I like the people. They are so nice to me and so kind to me."

–Arata, Japan

"The environment helps you learn English; it is more than just going to class; the teachers try to get the best out of you; there is an atmosphere where you can study and get help from teachers any time you need it."

-Mohammed A., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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"We are like a big multicultural family because we all have fun together and help each other; if we have a test in one of our classes, we all work together as a team to study; I now have friends from all around the world."

–Astrid, Mexico

"I feel very lucky for the fact that I started my USA life at ELI which helped me to be prepared not only with my language skills but also with American culture. My wonderful teachers taught me practical and academic English. I gained a lot of confidence which prepared me to be ready for post graduate program at Duke University. I recently opened my own business! I am really grateful for what I learned at ELI from world class teachers."

-JK, South Korea

"I am a graduate student at the David Eccles Business School of the University of Utah. I feel extremely grateful to have studied at ELI for four sessions. The school provided a wonderful learning experience with great teachers and a warm environment. Not only did I improve my academic English skills, but I also gained valuable knowledge about American culture from my fellow international students."

-Ochirkhuu G, Mongolia

Alejandro Infante's Testimonial


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Alejandro Avendano's Testimonial

"This program gave me the tools as a community leader and as a pastor, which helped me to found an English school in our church and we have more than 40 people in our class and learning English as a second language for the first time, it also opened the way for me to grow in an English-speaking organization and continue with social care and counseling and social work programs for those who are in adduction or with mental health problems and emotionally impaired. Today we are a community of more than 700 people impacted by the opportunity of language and embracing culture and the beautiful American dream. Thank you to ELI."

-  Lautaro A Lopez


"I graduated in December 2022, I did 4 of the ESL English classes and also got the opportunity to be in the project management program. Those changed the way I see my career; I know now that I want to continue studying about finance and risk. Being able to communicate in a second language has opened my work opportunities. I couldn't have done it without all the wonderful people who I studied with, and the amazing professors who believe in us."

- Maria Perez

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to improve my English and meet new friends. Now I'm feeling more confident in developing my conversation skills and for using my English in general."

- Aurilene Guilherme


"My life has improved very much since I graduated from the ESL classes, both my job and personal life have been exceptionally better. One of the main goals for me in that program, as a foreign attorney, is to apply and pass the bar test exam. Hopefully, this year with the improvement in my writing and reading skills, I will pass the test. At my job, in an attorney’s office, I recommended hundreds of people to take ESL classes, because it gave me the proper skills to be a part of this country and to help others in doing the same. Keep up the hard work on helping others."

- Miguel Angel Perche Enez. Graduation in 2022. 

"I graduated in 2018, this program opened so many opportunities in my career as a professional, I am from Mexico and studied Architecture and this program just changed my life, I could have interviews and apply for a jobs, and the next year after I graduated, 2019, I started working in an architecture firm and hopefully in the next year I will pass the test to have my license. When my job saw that I was in this program they saw a person who is prepared and educated. I always recommend this program."

- Paola Alexander 

Erdem Cevik's Testimonial


Branyelis A. Vivas Rosas' Testimonial


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Prachi Ray's Testimonial


"I graduated the program back in 2018. My family moved to Utah when I was in my senior year of high school, and after my graduation from HS in 2017, I found the Zions Program. It was an incredible opportunity for me to expand my vocabulary and have the chance to practice my pronunciation with other students. I always felt very comfortable in class, which was a huge step in my learning process. This program gave me the confidence I needed to start college and later go on an English-speaking LDS mission. My mom eventually joined the program as well in 2021. I believe this program should go on as long as possible so it can continue to bless people’s lives like it did mine!"

- Larissa Souza

"I graduated in 2019. Kostya Fesenko was the best English teacher I have ever had. This program opened the doors of so many job opportunities as a professional in Chemistry. I felt more confident to speak in public and was able to find a great job and communicate with others in a high English level. I can’t thank Zions bank enough for supporting this program during all these years. I always recommend this program to my friends and family. Please, let’s continue with such a great mission. We need this!"

- Millie Popayan

"I got to say that it was a dream to me having studied not just in an institute, but a place where people love to teach. Nowadays where our society has a lack of real and true passion in helping others to grow, it was quite refreshing to find teachers (Sam Dunn, and all the staff, with huge commitment and purpose, even enjoying the path with us. Something that without the help of Zions Bank would have been impossible, it was a close experience, in some way, to belong to the U of U, it’s awesome finding out that thru education you can reach another level in life. Actually, it was quite noticeable how much I learned and it is something that is one of my main strengths for job purposes. For that reason, every time I see something about this bank I think, who is behind all of these good things inside Zions Bank? From the bottom of my heart, I say: Thank You. And I hope me and my classmates and all the people you have helped, are not the only ones who can feel it. "

- Mauricio Pinzón Mora. Graduated in 2021. 

"I participated in one of the ESL programs when I first moved to Utah. I needed a course to improve my English for better work opportunities. Because of the program I was motivated to do an MBA. This was another tool that helped me progressing professionally to this day. I hope Zions Bank realizes how much this program does for the community and continue its support."

- Allan Rodríguez

"Zions Bank ESL was a great opportunity to improve my English skills and I’m really thankful for this opportunity. This is a kind of program that has a positive impact on the immigrant community for sure."

- Salvador Garcia Salgado. Graduated in 2021.


"Zions Bank ES was awesome and helped to improve my English a lot. My career did improve a lot as well due to my language skills after taking the class, not only that, but it helped me to start at the University of Utah as an MBA candidate for the accounting course. It would be sad to see the program going away. Hopefully, you will consider how important it is for foreigners in a different country to have this kind of program and experience."

- Leandro Utrera de Paula. Graduated in 2018.

"I’m an immigrant from Mexico and I graduated in December 2023, from the Zions Bank program. This was very helpful in my life because I improved my English and I learned to communicate better and my Job and school. The Zions Bank class has excellent professors. Thank you to Zions Bank for supporting its students and thanks to all the beautiful people that make this possible. We need to keep this program to help other students to fulfill this same dream. Thank you, Zions Bank."

- Juan Antonio Cruz


 "First of all, thanks to Zions Bank which has allowed me and hundreds of foreign students to make a better life in this society. Having the opportunity of learning and improving everything that is linked with this important language, make me feel more confident in those basic skills that are needed to become a better speaker. You have given me the opportunity to make new friends, know people like Mrs. Theresa Martinez, my teacher Sam Dunn and Mr. Brian Parrott.  I will never ever forget those moments that I shared with all of them, and I'll be always grateful for this huge opportunity that Zions Bank gave for all of us. Here’s hoping this program will continue for many years more making a difference in the lives of hundreds more students who are coming in the future."

- Judith Maiskell Sanchez

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